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Basketball LED scoreboard types and prices


What is Basketball LED Scoreboard
How many types of basketball LED scoreboard are there?
How to choose basketball LED scoreboard
Basketball LED scoreboard price

What is Basketball LED Scoreboard

Basketball LED scoreboard is an electronic scoring device used in basketball games, which is usually composed of a digital display and control system composed of leds (light emitting diodes). It is used to display the score, time and other relevant information of the game, and provides real-time scoring and timing functions of the game.

Basketball LED scoreboards typically include the following elements:

Score display: Displays the score of the home team and the visiting team, presented in numerical form, which can automatically increase or decrease the score according to the rules of the game.

Time display: Shows the time of the game, including the remaining time of the game and the time of each session.

Timeout display: Displays the number of timeouts used by the team.

Personal Foul display: Displays the number of personal fouls a player has committed.

Alternate possession display: Displays the team with the ball for alternate attacks during the game.

Game result display: At the end of the game, the final game result is displayed.

The design and function of the basketball LED scoreboard can vary depending on the manufacturer and specific needs, but its main purpose is to provide a real-time display of key information in the game to help spectators, players and referees understand the progress and outcome of the game.

basketball LED scoreboard

How many types of basketball LED scoreboard are there?

Fixed scoreboard: This type of scoreboard is usually installed in a fixed location in a basketball arena, such as a basketball rack, under the basketball hoop, or on the wall of the arena. They generally have a large size and are used to display scores, times, and other relevant information.

Portable scoreboard: This type of scoreboard is designed to be mobile and can be moved between different basketball courts as needed. They usually have a smaller size that makes them easy to carry and install.

Handheld scoreboard: This type of scoreboard is a small handheld device that is held and used by a referee or staff member. They usually show only basic information such as score and time, and are suitable for small competitions or temporary venues.

Electronic screen scoreboard: In addition to the traditional LED digital tube display, the modern basketball LED scoreboard can also use electronic screen technology, such as LED liquid crystal display (LCD) or LED dot matrix display. These screens provide richer information display and higher image quality.

These types of basketball LED scoreboards can be selected according to different sizes, functions and installation requirements. The exact type of scoreboard chosen depends on the needs, budget and usage of the basketball arena. It is recommended to consult with a professional LED scoreboard supplier to select the most appropriate type according to your specific needs.

basketball LED scoreboard

How to choose basketball LED scoreboard

When choosing a basketball LED scoreboard, you can consider the following factors:

Size and visibility: According to the size of the basketball court and the distance of the audience, select the appropriate size of the LED scoreboard to ensure that the information is clearly visible. Large venues may require a larger size scoreboard, while smaller venues may choose a smaller size scoreboard.

Display function: Determine the function you need to display, such as score, time, timeout, personal foul, etc. Make sure the scoreboard you choose has the features you need and can be automatically updated and controlled according to the competition rules.

Display quality: Choose an LED scoreboard with good display quality, including clarity, brightness and contrast. Make sure it is clearly visible in all lighting conditions so that players and spectators can easily read the information.

Control mode: Understand the control mode of the scoreboard, which can usually be operated through the control panel or wireless remote control. Ensure that controls are easy to use so that staff can easily control and update scoring information. Synchronous control and asynchronous control of LED scoreboard.

Durability and protection level: Consider the durability and protection level of the scoreboard to suit indoor or outdoor use. Ensure that the scoreboard is dust, water and impact resistant to increase its service life and ensure reliability in harsh environments.

Budget: Determine a reasonable price range according to your budget, and choose a basketball LED scoreboard with appropriate features and quality within this range.

It is recommended to contact professional LED scoreboard suppliers to understand the specifications, functions and services of their products, and to compare and evaluate with actual needs. In addition, the experience and feedback of other venues or teams that use similar scoreboards can be consulted to help make better choices.

Basketball LED scoreboard price

The price of basketball led scoreboards varies greatly depending on the type, features and screen size. Installation requirements and options also affect the price. The standard scoreboard costs around $15,000, but if you need advanced features and a larger screen, it will cost more. You can choose to invest in advanced options based on your budget. This has the benefit of attracting more basketball fans to your club and enabling them to track almost everything.

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