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Tianjin Autohome Indoor LED Display Project

Project Background

Tianjin Autohome is a leading automotive internet company in China, dedicated to providing comprehensive, accurate automotive information and high-quality services to users. To enhance the corporate image, strengthen brand influence, and provide a better visual experience for employees and visiting customers, Tianjin Autohome decided to install a high-end LED display screen in its indoor environment. After thorough research and comparison, they chose the Storm Plus series LED display with a P1.53 specification.

Indoor LED Display Project

Application Effects

Outstanding Visual Effects:

The Storm Plus series LED display with a P1.53 specification features extremely high resolution and color accuracy. Its high flatness and uniform brightness distribution make the displayed content clearer and more vivid. The screen excels in detail representation, ensuring that text, images, and videos are all displayed in high definition. How much is the indoor LED display?

Slim and Convenient:

With an ultra-thin design of only 51mm, the display screen is lighter and easier to install, saving space. It is suitable for installation in various indoor locations such as meeting rooms, exhibition halls, and reception areas without affecting the overall aesthetic of the interior.

Stable and Reliable:

The fixed installation method ensures the stability and safety of the display screen, preventing any loosening or falling over time. Its sturdy design and high-quality materials provide a long lifespan and stable performance.

Wide Range of Applications:

  • In meeting rooms, the high-definition display can be used to present reports, play videos, and share information in real-time, improving meeting efficiency and quality. Take you 5 minutes to understand the LED display in the conference room.
  • In corporate reception areas and exhibition halls, the high-definition display can be used to show corporate promotional videos, product introductions, and real-time information updates, enhancing the corporate image and improving the customer experience.


By installing the Storm Plus series LED display with a P1.53 specification in Tianjin Autohome, the company has not only improved its internal visual experience and work efficiency but also enhanced its professional image and external display capabilities. The high-quality display effects, slim and convenient design, stable and reliable performance, and strong flexibility have earned widespread acclaim and significant application effects following the implementation of this project.

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