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Top 10 LED Display Factories in Portugal

Portugal, as the jewel of southwestern Europe, is renowned not only for its rich history and captivating culture but also for its continuous strides in the field of technology. In the era of digitization, LED display technology has gained prominence in Portugal’s commercial, entertainment, and creative industries. This article delves into the top 10 factories in the field of LED displays in Portugal, revealing these companies’ backgrounds, product ranges, and their unique contributions to digital innovation.

Portugal LED display factory

Table of Contents:

1. LEDitgo Videowall Germany GmbH
3. Audiovisuais
4. NetScreen
5. Art System
6. Dynamic Screen
7. LED Display
8. LedPower
9. Cemark
10. Digital Storm

LEDitgo Videowall Germany GmbH

1. LEDitgo Videowall Germany GmbH

Company Information: LEDitgo is a certified German manufacturer of LED video wall products, established in 2011. The founder and managing director of LEDitgo have years of experience in the field and have built an extensive network of partners.
Product Range: LED video wall modules, outdoor LED displays, LED video walls, etc. (Do you understand the ten differences between LED walls and video walls?)
Customer Service: To ensure consistent image display, even when purchasing additional modules, our rental products can be bought from the same production line (same batch). Repair time is typically 1 to 3 weeks. Expedited repairs can also be done within a day if arranged.



Company Information: SERNIS is a Portuguese technology solutions company headquartered in Braga, producing and supplying a variety of high-quality products, services, and solutions with a focus on road safety. The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified and stands out for its strong spirit of innovation and creativity, as well as its high production capacity using the best raw materials to address significant challenges in quality and competitiveness.
Product Range: Rental LED floor screen, LED lighting, fiber optics, etc. (Here are the price ranges of commercial LED displays.)
Customer Service: Through the best and most innovative technical solutions, SERNIS develops excellent products and services for all partners and customers, standing out in price, quality, and reliability, ensuring value creation and business sustainability.


3. Audiovisuais

Company Information: Audiomeios is a company with 29 years of experience providing audiovisual solutions for conferences and events. Over the years, our growth and development have set benchmarks among clients and partners. By providing services in a unique way, always adding value, we offer innovative solutions to clients and actively contribute to the success of their events.
Product Range: Transparent led screen, digital signage, lighting, capture, editing, streaming, etc.
Customer Service: For each customer and project, we offer consulting services, including site visits, decision-making meetings, and technical advice on implementing the best audiovisual solutions.


4. NetScreen

Company Information: NetScreen initially started as a company representing various international reference brands for full-color LED panels. Recognizing the need to become a fully independent company to be more competitive and allow for self-development, NetScreen began 100% production of new LED modules in its new factory in Torres Novas in 2015. This new phase enabled NetScreen to expand its business, mainly targeting exports, and supporting its domestic customers who had another reason to invest in high-quality, unique products developed and manufactured domestically.
Product Range: LED modules, indoor and outdoor advertising LED solutions, 3 sides led display, etc. (What is the difference between indoor LED display and outdoor LED display?)
Customer Service: NetScreen ensures globally unique products through the development of equipment for calibrating LEDs. This equipment maintains the uniformity and intensity of panel colors when replacing faulty LED modules. The process involves the creation, development, and integration of the first LED factory on the Iberian Peninsula, with full support from a professional team.

Art System

5. Art System

Company Information: Art System was founded in 2009 with the mission to provide fully personalized professional lighting, sound, and video supply and integration services in a market increasingly competitive and specialized. The company offers a wide range of high-quality products and excellent quality.
Product Range: LED light strips, LED poster screen, LED strips, home lighting, paired projectors, etc. (Is an LED screen better than a projector?)
Customer Service: Art System has risen to become a solid brand in the Iberian market, launching more and better solutions year after year to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Dynamic Screen

6. Dynamic Screen

Company Information: Dynamic Screen specializes in the sale, installation, and programming of indoor and outdoor dynamic LED and LCD devices. Our focus is on providing solutions that enhance communication for brands and companies in a differentiated way with excellent cost-effectiveness.
Product Types: Digital LED displays, LED shop windows, LED lightboxes, LED billboards, etc. (How do LED billboards work?)
Customer Service: We install in mainland Portugal, the Azores archipelago, and Madeira Island. We also provide initial training on how to use the device-related software. We assist in configuring devices, creating and managing content to promote brands according to your communication strategy.

LED Display

7. LED Display

Company Information: Established in 2005, LED Display is a subsidiary of PLORAN – Engenharia Eletrotécnica company, providing comprehensive digital solutions and LED displays to global advertisers and businesses. As a company dedicated to electronic R&D, we have expanded our business into other areas and successfully established our position in the competitive market.
Product Types: Indoor LED displays, outdoor LED displays, sports markers, LED advertising screen, etc.
Customer Service: The founder of PLORAN – Engenharia Eletrotécnica has over 30 years of experience in developing electronic solutions and technical support. With a professional technical team and rich experience, we provide high-quality equipment to customers at the most favorable prices.


8. LedPower

Company Information: LedPower is an innovative company offering the most modern outdoor/indoor LED screens to display videos and images, attracting public attention through various means. We also provide comprehensive support in logistics and event production for clients.
Product Types: LED power supplies, LED displays, recording vehicles, etc. (How much does an LED advertising vehicle cost?)
Customer Service: LedPower’s professional team has extensive experience in the IT/electronics field, as well as in event production and organization. The company aims to provide services in the fields of advertising, marketing, graphic design, and decoration, along with consultation, design, and management of digital software and hardware for advertising activities. We ensure the import, export, installation, and maintenance of audiovisual equipment.


9. Cemark

Company Information: FCC GROUP is one of the earliest civic service groups in Europe, leading in environmental services and infrastructure. Cemark is a major participant in the Portuguese market under FCC, with extensive experience and expertise greatly reinforced through diversified international operations. Cemark is responsible for urban furniture maintenance operations and advertising management, owning over 12,000 advertising spaces in Portugal.
Product Types: Digital solutions, LED panels, Flexible LED display, shop windows, 4K displays, etc. (Here are the dimensions and aspect ratios of the 3×3 LED video wall.)
Customer Service: We develop and install various types of point-of-sale digital solutions according to customer needs. Using creative solutions, we collaborate with advertisers to communicate dynamically and differentially, enhancing brand image.

Digital Storm

10. Digital Storm

Company Information: Digital Storm is an experienced and dynamic company that helps you tell your story in a dynamic way, attracting public attention and increasing your business’s visibility.
Product Types: Audiovisual solutions, Indoor holographic screen, LED technology, etc. (Providing you with free LED transparent screen solutions.)
Customer Service: Digital Storm uses LED displays and various indoor/outdoor advertising applications to realize a variety of visual communication high-tech products. With rich experience in LED technology, we better understand the industry’s specificity and demands, improving product quality.

Portugal LED display factory

In the flourishing development of the LED display industry in Portugal, these top 10 factories are not only leaders in technology but also representatives of digital innovation in Portugal. By providing innovative LED display solutions, they drive the prosperous development of the local industry. In the future, with continuous technological evolution and expanding market demands, these factories will continue to play a crucial role in Portugal’s digital landscape, paving the way for more advanced and captivating display technologies.

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