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Top 10 LED display manufacturers in Spain


2. Euno Commercial Displays Technology S.L.
3. Pantallas LED LEMON
4. Electrofuture Nts
5. Ledsvisor
6. Global Digital Signage
7. Alfalite
9. Kineled
10. Dreamlux

LED display screen

In today’s rapidly advancing technology landscape, LED display screen technology has become an indispensable component across various industries. As one of the centers of technological innovation in Europe, Spain’s LED display screen industry has shown a vibrant growth trajectory. In this dynamic market, some outstanding companies have emerged as leaders in the Spanish LED display screen industry through relentless efforts and innovation. This article introduces the top ten LED display screen companies in Spain, revealing their outstanding performance in technology, market, and innovation.



Company Information: NUON Led is a 100% Spanish company that manufactures LED display solutions. We collaborate with the best brands in LED technology, use the latest generation of electronic products, and assemble them in Madrid. We specialize in the development of LED display projects. Our team consists of engineers, experts in design, graphics, and communication, as well as technical teams and assembly personnel. We thrive on challenges. We enjoy providing advice to clients and offering unique solutions without increasing project costs; however, the ultimate outcome is unparalleled.

Product Types: Rental LED display screens, LED display solutions. (How to choose a suitable theater LED screen rental?)

Service Support: Our business department, after proper training, can study your project, propose the best options, and assemble LED display screens to boost your business for sales and customer acquisition.

Euno Commercial Displays Technology S.L.

2. Euno Commercial Displays Technology S.L.

Company Information: Euno Commercial Display is a Spanish company headquartered in Barcelona, and our European team has been dedicated to bridging the gap between Asia and Europe through our passionate technology since 2017.

Product Types: LED screens, LCD monitors, OLEDs, and digital signage, among others. (What is the difference between LED and LCD panels?)

Service Support: We can provide you with a seamless logistics process. Our customers are highly satisfied with the timely delivery of our products.

Pantallas LED LEMON

3. Pantallas LED LEMON

Company Information: LedLemon is a company specialized in professional LED display screen manufacturing and assembly. Our branches are spread across Spain: in the capital Guadalajara – Madrid, also in Barcelona, and in Catalonia, we are in Tarragona. Additionally, we have offices in Valencia, Seville, and Toledo.

Product Types: Custom electronic signage and LED advertising screen services, among others. (What should you consider when customizing LED digital screens?)

Service Support: We can install LED screens in a very short time, up to 15 working days at most. We manufacture LED screens suitable for both indoor and outdoor use to meet our customers’ needs. We also offer after-sales service, guiding and instructing customers on the best way to use the screens to maximize their benefits.

Electrofuture Nts

4. Electrofuture Nts

Company Information: Electrofuture Nts is a company driving audiovisual development based on LED screen technology. In 1995, “Manuel Garcia” completed part of his studies and began his career in the audiovisual field with several prestigious companies, where he installed the first Crestrom and AMX advanced home automation systems. In 2000, after a fascinating trip to the United States and visiting companies in Silicon Valley (San Jose), the challenge was born. In 2001, ELECTROFUTURE NUEVOS SISTEMAS SL. was established by four young partners with the aim of providing a professional spirit to the audiovisual industry with great dedication and passion.

Product Types: Indoor and outdoor LED screens, concert rental screens, giant LED screens for peripherals, curtains, etc.

Service Support: Our company’s philosophy is to provide you with the best comprehensive solutions, from the design by interior designers and architects, to technical design, installation, configuration, debugging, and simple maintenance on the screens.


5. Ledsvisor

Company Information: Ledsvisor is an LED screen rental company that provides audiovisual materials for all kinds of events. We not only offer outdoor and indoor giant LED screen rentals but also provide multiple possibilities for each event. We use DSNG mobile devices and state-of-the-art cameras for satellite broadcasting through any of our products. We also offer touchscreen services covering exhibition needs requiring such technology and even produce giant mobile phones and other types of formats according to current demand.

Product Types: LED screen rentals, outdoor and indoor giant LED screens, etc. (What is the difference between indoor and outdoor LED rental?)

Service Support: Ledsvisor is a company with extensive experience in providing and installing LED screens for national events, enjoying a higher reputation and dedication in the LED industry.

Global Digital Signage

6. Global Digital Signage

Company Information: Global Digital Signage comprises professionals with over 10 years of experience in audiovisual communication as well as information and communication technology. Our main goal is to provide customers with the latest developments in digital signage systems, offer advice for their projects, and provide the best tools and services necessary to create worry-free digital signage channels.

Product Types: LED display screens, LED transparent digital signage, software, etc. (7 advantages of using LED transparent screen rental for retail display.)

Service Support: Through collaboration with major equipment brands, our failure rate is the lowest in the industry. Most of our equipment comes with a 3-year warranty provided by the manufacturer, and our technical team handles RMAs, saving our customers valuable time and resources in dealing with such incidents.


7. Alfalite

Company Information: ALFALITE, as a leading company in the industry, is committed to continuously modernizing processes and adapting to the market through lean manufacturing methods. The pursuit of excellence in production allows us to offer high-quality sealing on all our products, tailored to customer needs and requirements. Through lean methods, we strive to improve processes by reducing waste and adjusting them promptly according to customer demands.

Product Types: Giant LED screens, outdoor LED displays, LED screen rentals, etc.

Service Support: With technology and the knowledge of our technical team, Alfalite is accelerating European companies’ transition from traditional print advertising to digital advertising, which is more effective, spectacular, and attractive. We focus on general and specific projects, offering advice or conducting all types of installations, including turnkey projects. These facilities are complemented by customer training and exemplary technical support and assistance services.



Company Information: VISTALED specializes in the design and manufacture of custom advertising LED screens. Our screens are self-assembled, requiring no technical advice for assembly, thus reducing the total project cost without compromising product quality.

Product Types: Outdoor displays, indoor displays, transparent displays, flexible displays, etc.

Service Support: We are experts in LED advertising screens for the commercial sector. We offer ideal products to connect with the public and increase interaction with advertisers. We provide the best solutions and services representing your brand. All guarantees from industry-leading experts with over 10 years of LED technology experience.


9. Kineled

Company Information: Kinled is an audiovisual company specialized in selling indoor and outdoor LED screens. In addition to providing products, we are responsible for installing them and making your projects a reality according to your needs. For this purpose, we have professionals with over twenty years of experience in the field. Our commitment is to provide products of the highest quality, always seeking the best value for money.

Product Types: LED video walls, single-pole antennas, advertising banners, etc. (Ten differences between LED walls and video walls.)

Service support: Kinled’s commitment is to provide products that maintain the most demanding quality and always seek the best cost performance. Additionally, we are the only company that provides maintenance services and other services. Kinled represents the present and future of motorized screen and stand sales. We want to provide our customers with products that they are completely satisfied with.


10. Dreamlux

Corporate Information: DreamLUX is a company founded in 2002. Its partners had worked in the advertising industry and saw a growing demand for electronic signage and LED screens. During these more than 10 years of experience, our team of highly qualified personnel focuses on LED technology. We have been designing, programming, assembling and manufacturing LED screens for 3 years. Today, we are the benchmark in the national screen market, whether in terms of product range, customized solutions or maintaining competitive prices. Over the years we have managed to have a very diverse client portfolio, ranging from public organizations, city councils, councils to shops of all types; and of course through national level multinationals and large business groups.

Product type: giant LED screen, flexible LED display, single-color, two-color or three-color LED screen, etc. (Flexible LED panel price and 7 buying guides.)

Service Support: DreamLUX has strong manufacturing and responsiveness capabilities, which allows us to manufacture European level displays in record time. The task can even be completed in less than 15 working days. Regardless, whenever possible we try to adhere to an average production lead time of 60 days, which allows our customers to receive the highest quality at a very competitive price.

Spain's LED display

The booming development of Spain’s LED display industry not only reflects the power of technological innovation, but also demonstrates the market’s continuous demand for high-quality display solutions. These ten companies have successfully shaped the Spanish LED display market with their outstanding technical strength, market insight and innovative spirit. As technology continues to evolve, we have reason to believe that these companies will continue to lead the development of the industry in the future and bring users more advanced and efficient LED display solutions. The future of the Spanish LED display industry is destined to be full of more challenges and opportunities, and we look forward to witnessing the wonderful chapter of this industry.

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