Precautions of LED Display Installation

2021-03-04 11:27:27


As a industrial electronic product, LED Display become more and more popular in our daily life.  The installation of LED Display is also related to the visual effect and safety, so how to install a LED Display correctly is an inevitable theme.


Here share some precautions about LED Display installation.


1.    Choose suitable LED Display cabinet design according to the environment.

2.    Build the steel structure according to the matching drawing.

3.    Make sure the wire connection including signal connection and power connection in right way.

4.    Add related peripheral devices, like sending box, video processors, air conditioners etc..

5.    All of the above works should be executed by professional trained engineers.

6.    After complete all of these item, test if the screen can play normally, then the customer can upload the advertisement or events content to the big screen.

creative LED Dispaly

Creative LED Display in a bar after installation